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Wills, Trusts and Medicaid Asset Protection

Special Education

Special Education and Your Child

Your child is entitled to a “free and appropriate public education” or FAPE, whereby the school is supposed to provide an educational program (through an ‘IEP’) that is designed to meet your child’s unique needs.  Too often, however, the school district will provide a program that is not suited to the child’s needs.

Free IEP Evaluation And Consultation!

Attorney Antony M. Eminowicz, at AME Law Office, offers free phone consultations after reviewing a child’s IEP. You, as the parent, will understand your child’s rights after the consultation, thereby empowering you with the ability to direct the next step!

Limited Income And Needing Representation? Call Antony M. Eminowicz!

  • The best opportunity for your child to get the education he/she deserves should not be lost because you can’t afford legal representation.

    Because of the “fee shifting” provision, Attorney Antony M. Eminowicz often represents parents with limited income on special education matters.

    So.. before you conclude that you are unable to afford an attorney to represent you and your child in a special education matter, call Antony M. Eminowicz, Esq.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late for your child! 

    School years pass quickly… so don’t leave it too late for your child. Days can turn into months.. and months can turn into years. Attorney Antony M. Eminowicz is here for you!

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