Wills, Trusts and Medicaid Asset Protection
Wills, Trusts and Medicaid Asset Protection

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Special Needs Planning

Are there arrangements in place to plan, preserve.. and protect a loved one who has special needs?

At The Law Office of Antony M. Eminowicz, Esq, Special Needs Planning is at the heart of its practice. We help families plan to improve the life of an individual who has special needs. Proper planning provides control and gives authority to define the quality of life of an individual with special needs as they grow through life. This firm will work with families to establish realistic goals based upon their personal circumstances.

Planning for the future of an individual with special needs in New York requires both in-depth knowledge of the federal and New York law as they relate to government benefit eligibility and legal document such as special needs trusts and guardianship. These are important financial considerations as well as providing not just lifetime care, but quality of life.

Let Antony M. Eminowicz, Esq help you eliminate the overwhelming and confusing obstacles of Special Needs Planning.