Wills, Trusts and Medicaid Asset Protection
Wills, Trusts and Medicaid Asset Protection

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  • Probate

    Probate is the process of distributing the assets of an estate to the beneficiaries. The New York Surrogate’s Court oversees the process for any property in probate and resolves probate disputes. Executors have important responsibilities in settling estates, but they come at a time when most people named to serve in that capacity are grieving… Read more

  • Wills and Revocable ‘living’ Trusts

    If an individual wishes to have the final decision about how their own estate will be distributed after they pass on, a Last Will and Testament is a vital document. Every person who has assets should, at the very minimum, have a Last Will and Testament. Failure to have such a document in New York… Read more

    Special Needs Planning

    Are there arrangements in place to plan, preserve.. and protect a loved one who has special needs? At The Law Office of Antony M. Eminowicz, Esq, Special Needs Planning is at the heart of its practice. We help families plan to improve the life of an individual who has special needs. Proper planning provides control… Read more

  • Planning for Incapacity

    No one likes to think about what would happen should disaster fall. The reality of the matter is that as you approach your “golden years,” legal decisions need to be made about many aspects of your life. These decisions not only help prevent other people from doing things you might not like done to you,… Read more

    Long Term Care Planning

    Are you afraid that you cannot afford the costs of nursing home care without losing your own assets? There are few areas of the law that are quite as challenging as Medicaid, with its constantly evolving set of laws and regulations. That’s why planning for Medicaid is best when done well in advance. A Medicaid… Read more

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